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ankita singh
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Ranking Factors and Importance of Google Maps

Do you know the benefits of Google Maps, it not just how to get your business on Google Maps, but how to get it higher ranking through Google Maps. “Ranking” refers to in which you’re your and rank business appears in the list of search results when someone makes a search using Google Maps. Here are some tips to help your business ranking higher on Google Maps.


Ranking Factors of Google Maps


While Google Maps ranking used to be based on business categories, it is also another factors into calculate of rankings. That is good news for businesses owners whose listings may otherwise be overshadowed by large chain of corporations companies.Here digital marketing agency provides some important tips to helpyour business grow:


1. First Verify your Google My Business Information

If provide more about your business to Google then it is better to correctly display your business listing online. Before submitting make sure that you have complete listing and accurate, including:

•    Contact information and website

•    Business hours

•    No duplicate pieces of information

2. Get Google Reviews

User reviews is more essential its effect on ranking factor improve ranking add another dimension of trustworthiness to a business, and Google has recognized that fact by ranking businesses with a high volume of good reviews higher on Google Maps.

3. Properly Categorize Your Business

4. Embed a Google Map on Your Website

5. Optimize the Listing Description

6. Use a Local Telephone Number

7. Add Photos to the Listing

If you have a Google listing, then check and make sure that you have all of these things in order to get Google put your business on the first page of Google Maps. Even if you have any query or need digital marketing service then contact to Audacious systems design offers Digital Marketing service call: +91 6389 545555or mail at


13 Jun 2018