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Saini Arts
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Pachmi Baghaavat..Punjabi, born and raised in the west

Rana Bolla is a Singer, Poet and Music Producer born and raised in England, UK. He writes in Punjabi, Urdu, Persian and Latin.
Rana's Debut Album 'Mitti, Taun, Mawata' is out now! Available on iTunes, Amazon and Nokia Music. His effort is to promote Punjabi Literature and music with a positive, intellectual and philosophical message for society and youth of today. 
Rana's aim is help Punjabi survive and prosper in India and abroad!  He wants more people to listen to cultured Punjabi Music and prove our language can be sophisticated and philisophical, unfortunately most Punjabi artists don't promote this and instead promote sexist attitudes and violence via their songs.
Please support and buy your copy now...spread the message...Lets get more people involved in reading and writing Punjabi. 

Mitt, Taun, Mawata...








18 Jun 2012