Bhangra, a popular punjabi folk dance. It is getting very popular even in west.

Punjabizm refers to a commonly-held, all-encompassing view of Punjabi culture, society and being Punjabi as an individual. The term thus refers both to larger structures of social organisation such as kinship networks, caste identities, religious beliefs and practices, understandings of gender roles, etc. as well as to individual Punjabi values such as bravery, resilience and heartiness.
            So you are welcome to the punjabizm.com, dedicated to the cause of punjabi language and punjabi culture. We owe a lot to our motherland punjab and our rich culture which has helped our society to gain so much of respect all over the world. This is an effort to remain attached with our roots, to promote punjabi language. Come, Join us, participate in various discussion forums, Make new friends too.
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This was long due... Amandeep Kaur.. One can't ignore her presence here in punjabizm especially in 2 line shayari thread.. She is one of the most regular members of punjabizm family.. Since the day she joined we dont think she forgot to log into the website any day.. Her taste of poetry is wonderful and contribution to website is amazingly good.. We really wish she continues to contribute good poetry as always... Shukriya Amandeep Ji... All the best..!!
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